The Tulsa chapter of Assistance League began in 1967 when several women were invited to a meeting organized by Mrs. Eric L. (Ruth) Martin, a former Californian previously affiliated with the founding chapter of National Assistance League® in Los Angeles.

Eighty women joined the group on March 7, 1967 and the group was incorporated as a Guild of National Assistance League on November 22 of that same year. The Guild was subsequently chartered on January 20, 1970, as a chapter, with Dorothea Toomey Blue serving as President from 1969 to 1971.

Since those early years, the Tulsa chapter has grown to more than 230 members providing more than 28,000 volunteer hours a year.

Today, as always, our chapter is an all-volunteer organization that puts caring and commitment in action. With so many people today struggling to feed their families, or just make ends meet, the need is greater than ever. At Assistance League, we help…

  • Clothe our community’s schoolchildren;
  • Support children awaiting foster care;
  • Care for the community’s infants; and
  • Provide support for our elderly citizens.

Assistance League of Tulsa is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and achieves its objectives through a variety of service programs financed by the fundraising efforts of its members.

We receive no funding from federal, state or local agencies, and are not a United Way Agency.