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George Kaiser Family Foundation

Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

David E. and Cassie L. Temple Foundation

Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation

C. L. Richards Foundation Fund and Tulsa Community Foundation

Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation

Brannin Family Foundation

H.A. and Mary K. Chapman Charitable Trust

Helmerich Trust

Cox Connects Foundation

Phyllis and George Dotson



Abraham, Dolores

AG Equipment Co.

Alexander Household (Robert and Penny)

All Souls Unitarian Church

Allen Household (Doris)

Amini, Mohammad and Rajeanna

Anderson, Ed and Judy

Anderson, Steven and Phyllis

Anglican Church Of Saint Paul

Anthony, Buck and Dunnie

Apache Corp.

Armstrong, Joan

Asbury United Methodit Church

Ash, Barbara

Atchison, Jean

Auffenberg, Dan and Jan

Bachle, John and Gae

Ballard, Keith and Christie

Barnes, Glenn and Barbara

Barnum, Donald

Barrett, J.B. and Barbara

Barrow, Chuck and Ginny

Bartley, Clarence

Bartley, Rick and Sevene

Baxter, Jane

Bayliss, John and Sue

Beene, LaVerne

Behnken, Edward and Linda

Bell, Rita E.

Berg, Jane E.

Bethell, John and Carol

Billington, Jeanmarie

Bingham, Jo Ann

Birch, James and Suzette

Blocha, John and Sonja

Bloomfiled, Nancy

Boyd, Mariellen S.

Breckenridge, Nancy

Breedlove, Lena

Brice, Denise

Broadland, Don and Carole

Brown, Pris

Brownlee, Dr. Albert and Geraldine

Bruce and Beverly Dieterlen

Bruton, Dorothy Jane

Bruton, Dr. Bob and Gerry

Bryant Household (Richard and Patricia)

Bugh, Norma

Burt, Suzie

Buss, Don and Dawn

Butler, Ann H.

Butts, Monty and Jane

Calderwood James and Nanci

Cameron, Sharon and Forrest

Campbel, John and Judy

Canode, Melvin R. and Ann

Carlton, Clay and Helen

Carter, Joyce

Cecil, Gordon and Pamela

Chambers, Cheryl

Chandler, Anna Jo Matetich

Cheatham, George

Christ The Redeemer Lutheran Church

Christmann, Eugene and Sue

CITGO Petroleum Corp.

Clark, Bernie and Nan

Clark, Bob and Bonney

Clausing, Revelle

Close Bend, Inc.

Coats, Mickey and Susan

Cockrell, Dan and Karen

Coffman, Sharon

Colson, Thomas and Diane

Compton, Jack and Pat

Condrin, Lois

Connery, Pat

Copley, Ross and Jean

Coughlin, Patrick and Barbara

Covington, Ed and Jere

Cox, Frank and Marilyn

Cox-Kurtz, Alene M.

Crist, Merv and Gail

Cropper, Steve and Donna

Cummins, Thomas and Sue

D. R. and Carol Dunning

Darden, Robert and Marsha

Davidson, Richard and Mickie

Davis, Janet

Davis, Joann A.

Davis, Richard and F. Kay

Davison, Dale and Cheryl

Dean, Don and Grace

deJongh, Richard and Elaine

Detrick, Christine

Devasher, Joe M.

Dewhurst, Anita

Dixon, Dolly M.

Dorough, Dollie

Doss, Dr. Rick and Susan

Dotson, George and Phyllis

Dotson, Mary

Downing, Penny

Dunbar, Kent and Margo

Duncan, Maurice and Sara

Dunn, Burney and Susan

Eagleton, Grace

Edmondson, Georga and Teri

Edwards, Charles and Beverly

Edwards, Jean

Effron, Frank and Dorothy

Ellsworth, Lee and Norene

Enlow, Peggy

Erickson, Carl and Pat

Essley, John and Joyce

Evans, Charles and Celia

Evatt, Dan and Patty

Executive Women’s International

Fate, Ruth Ann

Fell, Morris and Toby

Fettner, Saul and Ellen

Fisher, Robert and Lynn

Flynn, William and Sue

Ford, Barbara Torr

Forney, Sue

Fowler, Jacque

Fox, Doug

Frizzel, Robert and Mary

Fuente, Jim and Lynn

Funk III, Earl and Janie

Gaberino, John and Marge

Garbee, Bud and Marilyn

Gathright, Earlene

Givens, Phyllis

Glass, Timothy and Deborah

Glocker, Donna

Gotwals, Marion

Greek, Paul and Virginia

Green, Mary

Grimshaw, Jane

Grover, Scott and Jessica

Grubb, Bob

Gustafson, Gerald and Julie

Guy, Steve and Julie

Hale, Adrian and Carole

Hancock, Harold and Barbara

Hanner, Ted and Elaine

Hanson, Margaret A.

Harrington, Harlan and Darlene

Harrington, John and Karen

Harris, Priscilla

Harris, Roy and Linda

Harrison, Ora Frasier

Harrolle, Ann M. and Farris, Robert

Hart, Mrs. Philip

Hasty, Joyce

Hatheway, Betty W.

Hawkins, Charles and Shirley

Hazen, Tucky

Hebertson, Suzanne

Helmerich, Lea

Henke, Frank X. and Bonnie

Henshaw, Janice

Henson, Erma

Hill, Ernestine

Hinkefent, Marilyn

Hodgens, Sarah

Hoe, Richard and Lynne

Hoggatt, Faye

Holder, Jerry and Jane

Holder, Patricia

Holman, Barbara

Hoppe, Leland and Eleanor

Hopper, Kenneth and Carol

Horgen, Michelle

Houghton, Barbara

Huffstetler, Joseph and Joan

Hunter, Lyle and Jean

Hutcherson, Faye

Hyden, Sussie

Jackson, Antoinette

James, Jeffrey and Jill

Johns, Lee

Johnson, Gary and Tommie

Johnson, Deborah Austin

Johnson, Michael and Libby

Jolly, Deanna C.

Jones, Bruce and Debbie

Jones, Maryella

Jones, Vernon and Maralee

Kamp, Carol Bailey

Kays, Roger

Kays, Stanley and Sandra

Kelly, Keith and Leslie

Kelly, Royce and Julie

Kern, Terrance and Jeanette

Kerr, Don

Ketchum, Jane

King-Davis, Sharon

Kinsey, Barry and Carmen

Kirberger, Don and Clevanne

Kirby, Tom and Nancy

Kirkpatrick, Sue

Kise, Ron and Wendy

Kittelson, Audrey

Kiwanitas Club Of Tulsa

Kneale, Jim and Suzanne

Kohl, W. and Margaret


Koro, Margaret

Kratky, Ronald and Carol

Kriegel, Kathleen

Krueger, Carol

KTAK Corporation I

Kurowski, Nancy C.

LaBenske, Barbara

Ladner, Ovanda

Landis, Forrest and Marcy

Langenkamp, Jerry and Mary

Lassman, Ferne

LeBlanc, Bob and Kay

Leikam, Robert and JoAnne

Levinson, Marti

Lewis, Cre

Lewis, Lin

Lieser, Richard and Patricia

Link, Richard

Linscott, Michael and Lynda

Littlefield, Mel and Larry

Livingston, Sandra O. Trust

Loerke, Richard and Nevin

Loper, Bruce and Francie

Lovely, Pat and Kris

Lucas Controls Company, Inc. (Lucas, Constance)

Lucas, Nicholas and Constance

Lundgren, Betty

Lyon, Patsy

Mackechney, R.L. and Charlaine

Maguire, Dr. B. J. and Dee

Maher, Doris

Main, John and Janet

Maley, Louise

Mans, Hester

Marschall, Peter and Lora

Martin, Bud and Pat

Martin, Gene and Diane

Matzdorf, W. and Joan

May, Darrel and Rosalyn

McCalman, Susan

McDonalds: Robert Wagner, Jr., Robert Wanger III, Jay Wagner

McDonald’s: Vinita, Pryor, Chouteau and Catoosa

McDoulett, Dale and Elizabeth

McEntee, Barbara

McGinty, P.E. and Helen

McGranahan, Betty

McGregor, Bob and Ann

McKee, Jerry and Jana

McKinney, Carolyn

McKinney, Zara

Meckfessel, Mary Ann

Mendenhall, Deanna

Menoher, Jack and Sue

Merical Wallace Builders

Metcalf, Le Ann

Meyer, Herman and Lee

Mildren, Karen

Miller, Franklin and Ellen

Miller, Lance and Judy

Miller, Sue

Mitchell, Adela B. Trust

MMI Employee Fund

Monahan, Thomas C.

Moomaw, Jim and Patty

Moore, Don and Diane

Moore, Leslie

Moore, Lynnwood and Paula

Moore, Marilyn

Morgan, Darcey

Morrison Construction Company

Morrison, LeRoy and Glenna

Moss, Bard and Kathleen

Mueller, Richard and Claire

Muller, David and Bridget

Murphy, Pat and Glenda

Musgrove, Lucille

Nammar, Maggi

Nance, Paul and Marilyn

Nanny, Kathleen E.

Neal, Don and Anne

Neeley, Glenda

Nell, Steven and Malisa

Nelson, Michel and Barbara

Nelson, Robert

Nelson, Ruth Kaiser Family Foundation

Netherland, Catherine

Nichols, Dick and Martha

Nielsens Exclusive Gifts (Bartlett, Andrea Nielsen)

Nightingale, Leonard and Joan

Nolen, Donna

Norman, Robert and Sandra

Odgers, Katie

Oglesby, Patricia

ONEOK Foundation

Orsulak, John

Osborne, John A. and Jane

Oswald, Betty

Otto, Kenneth and Patricia

Parker, John and Molly

Parnell, Jeanne

Partain, Mike and Brenda

Patterson, Georgia

Paul, Nancy J.

Peacher, William and Lynn

Penix, Terry and Pam

Perry, Eva L.

Peterson, Jerry and Mary

Pettit, Betsy

Pierce, Anne

Pitcock, Charles and Patti

Pittenger, Gerry

Plucknett, Carolyn

Poehling, Bill and Mary

Polson, Linda

Powell, Joyce

Powers, Patricia

Prange, Ramon

Primeaux Household (Henry and Jane)

Purser, Kathryn

Rains, Tamera

Rambach, Barbara

Redyke, Donna M

Reeder, Billie

Reeder, Louis and Jean

Regan, Charles and Gayle

Reynolds, Anne

Rhoades, Anne-Rebecca

Richards, C. L. Foundation

Richardson, Richard and Joyce

Ricks, William and Marinee

Roberts, Jim and Judy

Robertson, Dorothy

Robinson, Jack and Wanda

Rodgers, Rick and Kathy

Roland, Suzanne

Ronk, Virginia

Roodman, Joyce

Rothenbucher, Robert and Cindy

Ruble, Bob and Bonnie

Ruebhausen, Alice

Ruess, Raymond and Sandi

Rusher, Sharyn

Russell, Mrs. G. W.

Russell, William and Mary

Sacra, Jeff and Shelley

Sacra, Nancy

Sacra, Ryan

Sanborn, Bob and Esther

Savage, Patricia P.

Schechtman, Gilbert

Schelper, Shirley A.

Schmitz, John and Alma

Schultz, Ann

Scott, Charles F.

Scott, Virginia C.

Seay, Harry and Joan

Seibert, Joseph B. and Patricia Ann


Seymour, Sharron

Sharpe, Logan and Donna

Sherrill, Tom and Pat

Shults, Porter and Susan

Simpson, Robert and Marcella

Singhal, Raj and Swarna

Siple, Don and Joan

Sisk, Paul L. and Helen I. Charitable Trust

Slack, Jack and Edie

Smith, H.A. and Eleanor

Smith, Michael and Sheryl

Smith, Shirley Ann

Snyder, DeEtta

Sowards, Ruth J.

Spielman, Donna

Spielman, Doris

Springwater, Sue

Sprunger, Tom and Barbara

Spyres, Dennis and Mary

Staedke, John and Beverly

Stamper, Pete and Patricia

Stanish, Richard and Alice

Stauffer, Joan

Steele, Carl and Carolyn

Stees, Tom and Sue (Carolyn)

Stephens, Connie

Stevens, Jess and Miriam Foundation

Stokes, Farryl

Suchsland, Billie

Swartz, Mary Sanditen

Swindle, Kelly and Betty

Tarwater, Ireta Ann

Taylor, Peggy Jane

The Nilsson Agency

Thomas, Betty J.

Thomas, Dwight and Judy

Thomas, Margie L.

Thomas, Mark and Ginny

Thomas-Deupree, Lois

Thompson, Charles and Wyvonna

Torr, Beverly

Tucker, Arthur & Carole

Tucker, Rodger and Belinda

Tucker, Terry and June

Tucker, Tom and Anne

Turner, Barbara

Turner, De Maris and Lyle W. Jr.

Charitable Foundation

Tuttle, Robert and Billie

Ullman, Hubert and Connie

Van Cura, Kenneth and Jacki

Van Meter, Charline

Van Valkenburgh, Kent and Diane

Vanskike, Darla

Vint, Wanda P.

Vrooman, Gayle M.

Walenta, Robert and Jone

Wallack, Bob and Chelley

Watts, David and Carolyn

Weigt, Mark and Brenda

Weiskopf, Sandy

Weisrock, Bill and Phyllis

Wells, Dee

Wenger, Bruce and Suzanne

Whitaker Architects, P. C.

Whitney, Herb and Mary Sue

Wilhelmsen, Metisa Essley Revocable Trust

Wilkerson, Glenann (G.A.)

Wilkinson, Joe and JoAnne

Williford, Mollie

Willis Household (William and Carol)

Willis, Novella J

Willsey ,William and Ruth Ann

Winfrey Bill and Terry

Wood, Garrett and Paula

Wood, Philip and Emily

Woolsey, Donald and Elsie

Word, Bailey and Janet

Worrell, Chuck and Jean

Yeagle, William and Geraldine

Yoder, Leon and Ina

Young, Betty

Young, Janet

Young, JoAnn

Young, Kent and Jenette

Young, Lyle O.

Young, Mac and Suzanne

Young, Ron and Mary Lou