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Abraham,  Dolores
Aduddell, Larry and McCain, Martie
Akers, Larry and Le
Amini, Mohammad and Rajeanna
Anderson, Ronald and Virginia
Anderson, Steve and Phyllis
Annis, Rae
Anthony, Buck and Dunnie
Arens, Jim and Katie
Atcheson, Sharon and Dave
Atterberry, M.B.  and F.L.
Bank Of America Charitable Foundation
Banzhof, Pat
Barnes, Brenda
Barnum, Donald
Bartlett, Sharon and Michael
Bell, Rita E.
Bennett, Janifer
Berg, Jane E.
Bethell, Carol
Black,  Mary Lou
Bland, Jo Ann and Wayne
Blue, Burdette and Kay
Bracken, Gary and Nancy
Brannin Family Foundation-Mary Brannin Elliott
Brierly, Marla
Brill, James and Marilyn
Brixey, Jeanne
Brown, Pris
Brundred, Natalie
Bumgarner, John and Mary
Burkhalter, Brad and Kendra
Burton, William and Julie
Bush, Mary and Jim
Campbell, Jack and Kim
Campbell, Nancy and Stephen
Carey, Flossie
Carlton, Helen and Clay
Carnahan, Phillip and Marva
Chalmers, LaDon and Kirk
Chilcoat, Jan
Christ United Methodist Church Women
Churyk, Natalie
CITGO Petroleum Corp.
Clark, Anita
Clark, Nan
Close, Bryan
Coats, Mickey and Susan
Coday, Joyce E.
Coffman, Sharon
Colson, Thomas and Diane
Connery, Pat
Copley, Ross and Jean
Cyert, Lynn
Darby, Mary Ellen
Darden, Robert and  Marsha
Davidson, Richard and Mickie
Davis, Janet
Davison, Dale and Cheryl
Detamore, Joanne
Devasher, Joe M.
Dibert, The Joseph and Virginia Foundation
Dieterlen, Bruce and Beverly
Dinan, Curtis and Brenda
Dixon, Carol
Dooley, Tom and Connie
Dorough,  Dollie
Doss, Dr. Rick and Susan
Dotson, George and Phyllis
Dotson, Mary
Dreyer, Norma
Duca, Dawn
Duncan, Maurice and Sara
Dunn, Burney and Susan
Earl, Steve and Diana
Eidt, Colin
Eidt, Marjorie
Elder, Dennis and Sherry
Elliott, Kathy
Evans, Charles and Celia
Evatt, Dan and Patty
Fate, Ruth Ann
Files, Arbin and Lana
Firestone, Mary
Fisher, Robert and Lynn
Fowler, Jacque
Freemyer, Steve and Pat
Frizzell, Robert and Mary
Fuente, Jim and Lynn
Furgason, Silvia
Gaberino, John and Marge
Gaddis, Laura
Gilbert, Carla
Glocker, Donna
Greek, Paul and Virginia
Grigsby, Lloyd H and Shirley
Grillot, Tom and Debbie
Guy, Kevin
Guy, Steve and Julia
H. Vondale and Janet Graham
Hale, Adrian and Carole
Hamill, John
Hanner, Ted and Elaine
Hara, Charles and Shirlee
Hardwick, James and Helen Jo
Harper, Jon and Kathy
Harrington, Doug and Elisabeth
Harris, Priscilla
Harrison, Dr. Thomas and Frances
Harrolle, Ann and Robert Farris
Hebertson, Suzanne
Helmerich, The Trust
Hensley, Diane
Hickman, Jacque
Hille, Mary Ann
Hoe, Richard and Lynne
Holder, Patricia
Holland, Tom and Janet
Holleman, Valerie
Holmes, Victor and Kathryn
Hoppe, Eleanor
Hubbard, Janet
Hubner, John and Michelle
Hunnicutt, Sue
Hunt, Gayle
Hutcherson, Faye
Hyden, Sussie
Jackson, Antoinette
Jackson, Charlie and Rains, Tamara
Jackson, Robert and Susie
James, Jeff and Jill
Johnson,  Gary and Tommie
Johnston, Larry and Susan
Kahan, Dan and Susie
Kahle, Robert and Marge
Kaiser, George Family Foundation
Kamp, Carol Bailey
Kee, Ms. Kay
Keegan, Jan
Keel, John and Sam
Kemp, Marwin and Nan
Kerr, Robin and Amanda
Kingery, Eric and Nancy
Kinsey, Barry and Carmen
Kirby, Tom and Nancy
Kirkes, Kay D.
Kittelson, Audrey
Kratzert, John and Lina
Kurtz, Denise Brice
Ladner, Ovanda
Lamers, Jerry and Sandi
Lamoreaux, Dan and Karen
Laster, L.A. and Linda
Latham, Ben and Beth
LeBlanc, Bob
LeMaire, Cathy
Levinson, Marti
Lewis, Ray and Margaret (Peggy)
Loerke, Richard and Nevin
Lohrenz, Joyce
Luthey, Graydon
Mackechney, R.L. and Charlaine
Madamba, Jorge and Dru
Mahu, Adrena
Main, John and Janet
Mann, Sallye
Marquardt, Beverly
Martin, Larry and Fern
Mason, Tom and Nancy
McDoulett, Elizabeth
McGregor, Bob and Ann
McKee,  Jerry and Jana
McKinney, Carolyn
Meckfessel, Mary Ann
Melichar, Robert
Mendenhall, Deanna
Menoher, Jack and Sue
Meshri, Sanjay and Julie
Mildren, Karen
Miller, Lance and Judy
Miller, The Lou and Connie Charitable Foundation
Minielly, John and Patricia
Moore, Diane
Moore, Lynn and Paula
Morrison, James and Norma
Moss, Bard and Kathleen
Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Dillingham
Mueller, Richard and Claire
Muller, David and Bridget
Nance, Paul and Marilyn
Naylor, James and Paula
Neal, Don and Anne
Neal, Nancy
Neeley, Glenda
Nelson, Robert
Nelson, Ruth Family Foundation
Newhouse, Jeffrey
Nichols, Dick and Martha
Norman, Julie
Norman, Robert and Sandra
Norton, James C. and Ronda
Odgers, Alan and  Katie
Osborne, John A and Jane
Osgood, Craig and Irene
O’Sullivan, Stephen
Oswald, Betty
Owings, Phillip and  June
Patterson, Georgia
Patton, Coe Ann
Peacher, William and Lynn
Penix, Terry and Pam
Peterson,  Mary
Phillips, Deni
Phillips, Majorie
Pickering,  Bob and Marianne
Pierce, Ann
Pitcock, Charles and Patti
Pontious, Jack and Molly
Powell, Joyce
Price, Jack
Pummill, Helen
Quota International Of Tulsa
Rains, Tom and Betty
Ralph, James and Manis, Betsy
Rapp, Mark and Linda
Raschen, Fred and Loretta
Ray, Robert and Judy
Reitz, Ronald and Jeanne
Reynolds, Mike and Jan
Rice, Roy and Margaret
Ricks, William and Marinee
Ritter, Dolores
Roberts, Jean
Roberts, Jim and Judy
Roberts, Patrick and Liz
Robinson, Kay
Robinson, Wanda
Robson, Joe and Hannah
Ross, William and Patti
Rotary Club Of Tulsa Foundation
Rusher, Sharyn
Russell, Jerry and Pat
Russell, William and Mary
Ryker, Breck and Julie
Saltiel, Rob
Sam and Alex Family Fund
Sanborn, Bob and Esther
Sarkeys Foundation (Henry, Kim)
Schafer, Richard and Beverly
Schechtman, Gilbert
Schelper, Shirley A.
Schermerhorn, Ed and Kay
Scott, Charles F
Scott, Robert and Shirley
Shannon, Doc and Nancy
Sherrill, Tom and Pat
Shofner, Jim and Renita
Shults, Porter and Susan
Slack, Jack and Edie
Small, Richard and Norma
Smith, E. J.  and Dayon
Smith, Michael and Sheryl
Sneed Foundation
Southminster Presbyterian Church Women
Spielman, Donna
Spielman, Doris
Stamper, Pete and Patricia
Stanish, Richard and Alice
Stephen, Dennis and Kathy
Stevens, Jess and Miriam Foundation
Stockley, Stephen and Lynn
Stokes, Farryl
Stotts, Sheri
Suchsland, Billie
Swanson, Jerry and Ann
Swift, Kathy
Taylor, Dr. Robert and Deloris
Taylor, Peggy Jane
Thomas, Dave and Gail
Thomas, Dwight and Judy
Thomas, Mark and Ginny
Thompson, C. T. and Anna
Thompson, Charles and Wyvonna
Tremble, Wayne and Bonnie
Tuesday Night Book Club
Tulsa Run
Turner, John and Barbara
Van Valkenburgh, Kent and Diane
Vorba, Larry and Linda
Waeger, Sheldon and Kathy
Wagner, Bob and Maggie
Walker, James
Walters, Larry and Barbara
Warner,  Susan
Watts, David and Carolyn
Webb, Dale
Whitmire, Jo An
Whitney, Herb and Mary Sue
Willis, William and Carol
Winslow, David and Kathleen
Wolov, Andy and Nancy
Wood,  Paula
Woods, Reed and Carol
Word, Bailey and Janet
Young,  Karen
Young, Jo Ann
Young, Lyle O.
Young, Mac and Suzanne
Young, Ron and Mary Lou